A thank you to fellow bloggers

Two things happened when I woke up this morning. I think it might be important to mention that its extremely rare for me to wake up to an alarm. Why is that important you ask? Well because when you wake up naturally when your BODY wants you to, this beautiful state occurs just before you wake where you’re not quite sleeping and you’re not quite awake. According to the Washington Post this state is called hypnagogia. And in this state you can tap into an almost universal intelligence–what I also call INTUITION. The ultimate creativity if you will. Meditation has similar effects (which I plan to write another post on because it totally deserves it). In this state I often get design ideas for my jewelry line, or insights into subjects that have been vexing me, or as in the case of this morning, another perspective all together.


So, back to this morning. In that sleep/wake state I realized that in my last post about social media (which happens to have been my first post!) I totally shit on social media by only highlighting why social media has been bad for culture and totally ignoring the ways in which its been good. And that’s not fair now is it? You will all see that I am nothing if not fair–I am a libra after all.

Yes, social media is a place for people to unfairly compare themselves and their lives to the ones they see perfectly portrayed on IG. Or for people to let their egos take over and desperately attract validation from strangers. Or spread their hateful ideologies. But it’s also a place for people to do social good should they choose to. And some people have indeed used it for this purpose. For example, because of social media, politicians and other people in positions of power get called out almost immediately when they are full of shit, lie, or just plain do something bad. And I mean, they are put on FULL blast. No escape. For instance this:

Christy Teigen trolls Donald Trump

That was a funny example but you get my point. In a way its made these types of people have to be less careless about their often abusive choices and behaviors. Ok maybe Donald Trump is a bad example since it seems nothing makes him modify his disgusting behavior. But for normal people even if they are faking being better humans, at least they are taking actions that are more positive in the world. Now imagine if EVERYONE used social media for this purpose? Collectively what impact would that have on a global scale? What if everyone used social media simply for the purposes of good rather than ego or capitalism? Which leads me to the second thing that happened when I woke up today…

As usual after allowing myself to remain in sleep/wake consciousness for a few minutes when I finally do open my eyes I pick up my phone. I suspect this might be a terrible addiction but I haven’t been able to break this habit just quite yet. And if only today, I’m glad I haven’t because I awoke to an email from WordPress telling me that a few other WordPress users have liked my first post! I was surprised that anyone had seen it yet let alone liked it. But I have to say, it felt good to see that. And it immediately made me want to go to their pages and read some of what they had to say. What I found was that everyone had some significant thoughts or experiences that they wanted to share with others. And that is exactly what I feel is largely missing from social media. In my less than 12 hours as a blogger, I already feel more of a sense of community amongst other bloggers. And that is brilliant. That is what we all need, more community.  If not in “real” life, then yeah, here will do too.

So thank you fellow bloggers and WordPress community. Truly.



This is my confession.

confessionI have a confession to make. Are you ready? I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA. There, I said it. And I mean it.

I mean, Facebook was ok at first–like a decade ago. It was fun to cyber stalk people from high school, to see who got fat or who married someone ugly. It was also a good way to casually connect with someone who you’d only met once but that you might be interested in dating. That’s how I started dating my fiance! But lately, its lost it’s luster for me. Its all super emo status updates, fake news and annoying and surprisingly voyeuristic ads–“How does Facebook know I just looked at a Free People dress from Macy’s???” Instagram seemed cool at first too. Oh wow a photo feed thats just for me and my friends? Cool! Oh wait, who are all these rando people who have hundreds of thousands of followers endlessly posting selfies of themselves driving in the car followed by inspirational quotes? What’s so special about them? Nothing. They’re called what? Influencers? Hmmm. But they bought all of their followers? That seems weird. Shit–I get so much anxiety if I post something and it doesn’t get that many likes. Does that mean that people don’t like me? Fuck. Am I not cool? How come that girl got 562 likes? That’s a shitty photo and she’s not even cute. I only got 15 likes. I feel like a loser. Damn, that couple has a perfect life. How come I don’t have that? How are they always on vacation? Are her abs really that perfect? I need to do some crunches. Are his abs really that perfect? He seems gay to me. I wonder if she knows he’s gay.



In the words of Magatu, ” I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” Hasn’t anyone noticed the complete deterioration of society since social media has taken our attention, minds and eyeballs hostage? People don’t even seem to live their lives in person anymore. No one can have any moments without a snapchat attached to it. Often disrupting and ruining the very moment that they are trying to capture and brag about. It all seems a mindless maze of digitally enhanced photos, ginormous egos and just plain garbage. Ah yes, social media. Where shameless self promotion is rewarded and posts containing real content go ignored. What will people do when the zombie apocalypse comes and social media is destroyed? Will they know how to live in the real world anymore?

Well, I will. Starting today I am swearing off all social media for 6 months. I want to see what happens to my life without social media. Ironically, I have a feeling that my life could open up in ways that I cannot yet imagine. Or maybe I’ll lose all my friends and the world will completely move on without me leaving me in its dust. In between other writings, I will periodically provide updates here on how that’s going. Who would like to join me on this zero social media adventure??